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What is Project GRO?

The Project to Support Grants for Research Outreach (Project GRO) is an initiative within the university's Office of Research and Offices of Outreach and Engagement to create a sustained and coordinated resource for faculty who include an outreach/engagement component in their grant proposals for research funding.

More and more funding sources are requiring research proposals to justify the benefits of the research to society. For example, proposals to the National Science Foundation are evaluated on the broader impacts of projects, including the promotion of teaching, training, and learning. Project GRO works with Ohio State researchers to broaden the impact of their outreach and engagement efforts, drawing on the resources and expertise of the Offices of Outreach and Engagement, the Office of Research, and outreach and engagement personnel in colleges across the university.

How Project GRO Can Help You

  • Works with researchers to develop outreach and engagement plans for research proposals
  • Facilitates collaborations between researchers and those who provide outreach within Ohio State and the community
  • Assists with the evaluation and accountability aspects of outreach components

For further information, contact:

Christopher Andersen, Ph.D.
Director, Project GRO
Office of Research and Office of University Outreach and Engagement
400 Stillman Hall
1947 N. College Road
Columbus, OH 43210-1106 USA
voice +1-614-247-6958
fax +1-614-688-3884

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